Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rameshwaran a pilgrimage destination in India

Rameshwaram inside south Indian state of Tamil Nadu is probably the holiest pilgrimage centers for numerous Hindus all over the world. In fact, this tiny island in the coast of Tamil Nadu has deep connection with the Ramayana, one from the two great Indian epics. A temple dedicated the Hindu god Shiva stands in the center of this holy place. According to legend, Lord Rama built a bridge to link the PambanIsland while using nearby Sri Lanka on his pursuit to rescue his wife Sita. Thus, there is absolutely no dearth of places to go to in Rameshwaram whilst keeping its small dimension planned. In fact, this pilgrimage center along with Varanasi makes up the holiest of religious shrines for a large number of Hindus. Thus, as being a leading pilgrimage center has ensured the tourists will not face any great inconvenience in attempting to reach this place through the Indian mainland because of its great connectivity by road and rail. Rameshwaram tourism may be the mainstay in the local economy and also the locals keep no stone unturned to ensure that the visitors need not face any kind inconveniences.

Places to Visit in Rameshwaram:

Even though Rameshwaram is probably the leading pilgrimage destinations in India, this magical place has something to make available to even those who have come to soak in the natural splendor. However, there is no eluding the truth that the temples include the main pull factor for lakhs of people to throng this place each year.

Among all the Rameshwaram tourist places, the SriRamanathaswamyTemple deserves special mention. Dedicated to Hindu god Shiva, a nearby beliefs suggest that Lord Rama installed the deity in the ages of Ramayana. A many temples, built by different rulers, have stood at that spot for centuries and this temple boasts with the longest corridor inside the world. The length of that corridor is 197 meters from east to west and 133 meters from north to south. This temple is extremely auspicious for the devotees and forms the best attraction with this place.   Agnitheertham will be the place about the seashore the place that the devotees perform various rituals to spend respect on their ancestors.   The Gandamadana Parvatham is one of the highest pint within this island and bears the imprint of Lord Rama's feet on the chakra.   Tourist can also choose several other tourist places around Rameshwaram for example SugreevarTemple, SatchiHanumanTemple, BadrakaliammanTemple, the Five-facedHanumanTemple, and lot more.   Dhanushkodi is in the southern tip of the island, which is a conference spot for the waters in the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. This is just about the most popular tourist places near Rameshwaram and renowned for the scenic beauty. Moreover, the Adi Sethu there is very sacred for the devout Hindus.   The PambanBridge will be the longest sea bridge in India and provides excellent vintage pints for your camera-carrying crowd.

Places to Eat in Rameshwaram:

There can be a many good restaurants in Rameshwaram that provides tourists with fine quality meals with a reasonable price. Even though the service generally is a bit for the slower side, though the food the tourists get at this price a lot more than compensates for this.